For the love of Egypt - National Anthem

Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in to defend their country. They are united in purpose and clear about the outcome: a Just and Free Egypt in which everyone belongs. Pics taken from We are all Khaled Said, Al Jazeera English and other news reporting websites. Video uploaded by jeenwac, who does not own the rights of these pictures and the music is the National Anthem of Egypt owned by the Egyptian people.

عدد المشاهدات: 1683
نوع المادة: فيديو
نوع الموقف: مواقف الثوار --> المطالب وتطورها
نوع التأثير: على المستوى الداخلي --> تاثيرات سياسية
هذه المادة تندرج تحت: عنف (مصادمات)، مظاهرات ومليونيات، إبداعات/ لافتات/ طرائف .


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